AHORP established 2005, Registered UK Charity No 1113551

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Concerts in 2016

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An independent Charity supported by Lancaster City Council Charity No 1113551

Ashton Hall closed AH Ashton Hall URC United Reformed Church High St Lancaster

February {Wednesdays} AH 03 Dr Colin Parsons MBE (AHORP)
AH 10 Colin Porter &Tom Barlow (Liverpool)
AH 17 Alistair McEwan (Annan)
AH 24 Peter Entwistle (Hornby)

March (Wednesdays) URC 02 Colin Porter (Mossley Hill)
AH 09 Simon Russell (Nantwich)
URC 16 Dr Colin Parsons MBE (AHORP)
URC 23 Tony Ewens (Hornby)
AH 30 Terry Crolley (Altrincham)

April {Wednesdays) AH 06 Colin Porter (Mossley Hill)
URC 13 Phillip Fawcett (Lancaster) SOS
URC 20 Paul Gregson (Hawkshead)
URC 27 Colin Porter (Mossley Hill)

May (Wednesdays) URC 04 Phillip Fawcett (Lancaster) SOS
URC 11 Alistair McEwan (Annan)
AH 18 Peter Blackburn (Lancaster) SOS
AH 25 Nigel Gage (Winmarleigh)

June (Wednesdays) AH 01 Paul Gregson (Hawkshead)
AH 08 Simon Russell (Nantwich)
AH 15 Keith Moxon & Jennifer Woolley (Faversham)
AH 22 Phillip Fawcett (Lancaster) SOS
AH 29 Faye Adamson (Ruthin)

July (Wednesdays) AH 06 Terry Crolley (Altrincham)
AH 13 Stuart Corrie (Rossall)
AH 20 Andrew Jones (Criccieth)
AH 27 Colin Porter (Mossley Hill)

August (Wednesdays} AH 03 Ian Pattinson (Lancaster Priory)
AH 10 Harry Standfield (Rossall)
AH 17 Phillip Fawcett (Lancaster) SOS
AH 24 Colin Porter (Mossley Hill)
AH 31 Peter Blackburn (Lancaster) SOS

September(Wednesdays) AH 07 Colin Porter (Mossley Hill)
AH 14 Gerry Howe (North Wales)
AH 21 Keith Moxon & Jennifer Woolley (Faversham)
AH 28 Paul Hutchins (Liverpool)

October (Wednesdays) AH 05 Alan Saggerson (London)
AH 12 Paul Gregson (Hawkshead)
AH 19 Ian Pattinson (Lancaster Priory)
AH 26 Peter Entwistle (Hornby)

November (Wednesdays) AH 02 Ripley St Thomas Academy (Lancaster)
AH 09 Andy Plowman (Lancaster)
AH 16 Terry Crolley (Altrincham)
AH 23 Ripley St Thomas Academy (Lancaster)
AH 30 Peter Blackburn (Lancaster) SOS

December {Wednesdays} AH 07 Colin Porter (Mossley Hill)
AH 14 Keith Moxon & Jennifer Woolley (Faversham)
End of Concerts for 2016

AHP/22 Jan 2016