News – Insurance and Restoration Contracts awarded, 2005

News – Insurance and Restoration Contracts awarded, 2005

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cracking Following a site meeting and full consideration of tenders and contracts submitted by David Wells (of Liverpool), Nicholsons (of Worcester) and Principal Pipe Organs (of York), a recommendation was made to Lancaster City Council that the contract should be awarded to Principal Pipe Organs for their originality of ideas and solutions to the prevailing problems. In consequence, Lancaster City Council have agreed in principle and the AHORP are awaiting official confirmation of this appointment.

As there are long-term implications for any insurance work carried out in the immediate future (June – September 2006), it has been agreed by all parties that the work should be carried out by the same company who will undertake the restoration.

It also follows that the tuning and maintenance contract should also be changed to the successful bidding company.

The insurance work to the Great division, following the ‘bucket through the ceiling’ incident in April 2005, will commence at the end of June 2006 and will take approximately 8 weeks to complete. During this time, the Ashton Hall (Town Hall concert facility) will be closed to the public and the work will include a full restoration of the arch over the organ.

During the period, the organ will be protected by measures put in place by Principal Pipe Organs (York).

All of the Great pipework will be removed to the organ builder’s workshops in York, where they will be cleaned and made good.

The AHORP will be investing in re-sliding of the pipes and other necessary, but not insurance-related work to the Great soundboards.

The organ will be in use for the Autumn series of lunchtime concerts, starting in October.