Work Remaining

Work Remaining

jollily SWELL

  1. Remove HP, LP & Bass Chests plus transfer unit for Pedal Geigen.  buy generic Pregabalin Revise Action to electric 
  2. Re-leather slider motors
  3. All pipework to be removed, repaired as necessary and re-slid with stainless steel slides.
  4. Cork stoppers to be replaced or capped as felt necessary.
  5. Remove Mixture clamp and provide a new ‘flying’ unit to aid less damage to pipes and allow more room for tuning and maintenance.
  6. Remove Open Diapason (61 notes) and move as an unenclosed stop on the Solo.
  7. Replace Open Diapason 8 with the Geigen Principal from Choir. Originally on Great until 1949 when it was ‘switched’ with the Gamba 8 from the Choir. Friedenau Re-voicing GP 8 for heavy Pressure required.
  8. Replace the mechanical Swell Shutter controls with an electrical system. The action is extremely heavy.
  9. All new slides to be stainless steel as per Great.
  10. Attention to the wind leaks on the 3 1976 repaired bellows HP x 2  LP x 1.
  11. Replace single Tremulant with 2 Tremulants – Barque beat and Theatre Beat as is expedient.
  12. HP Reeds to be ‘dry cleaned’ and repaired NOT RE-VOICED.
  13. LP Reeds to be repaired and revoiced as necessary.

The Swell chamber is to be  stripped of all plaster and re-faced and the entrance is to be extended down to the floor to facilitate ‘walking in’  LED or Fluorescent strip lighting is to replace the ‘single tungsten bub’  The single bulb Fire Hazzard and inadequate. GREAT

  1. Remove the pneumatic façade pipe actions and replace with an electrical system.


  1. Remove the existing (sub-standard, ineffectual) 1949 Choir enclosure with its 3 ‘roof’ flaps.
  2. Construct a new enclosure to include the Pedal Reeds. Shutter to the RHS and Front of the box operated simultaneously with an action comparable to the Swell’s.
  3. Refurbish the Choir Soundboard as per Great Soundboard action etc as necessary. Choir currently electro pneumatic following the fire in 1976.
  4. On the ‘wide slide’ (formerly housing the Geigen Principal 8’) Refit to accommodate 2 new slides. Namely a ‘new’ Principal 2’ – and also to house a ‘new’ Dulciana Celeste AA# – yet to be sourced.
  5. All new slides to be stainless steel as per Great.
  6. Provide Sub, Super & Unison Off in control unit. (see under Control Unit)
  7. Provide 2 Tremulants commensurate with that on the Swell.


  1. Remove all pipework, repair as necessary, clean. Clarinet8 to be ‘dry cleaned’ Orchestral Oboe 8 to get new tongues and be re-voiced to match existing rank.
  2. Former Open Diapason from Swell to be re-housed (UNENCLOSED) but to benefit from Solo Sub, Sup, U.O.
  3. Chest action to be upgraded as per Great (etc)
  4. Tuba 8 to pipes be removed, cleaned, repaired and strengthened. (Currently in hand – April – May 2018)
  5. Tuba 8 chest to be thoroughly overhauled.
  6. Tremulant to be replaced as per Swell & Choir. 2 units as per Swell.


  1. Pedal Reeds to be removed and dry cleaned.
  2. Pedal Reed Pressure to be returned to 15” from the current 12”
  3. Bass Pipes to be cleaned and painted insitu (locked in by building frame).
  4. Flute extension 32, 16, 8 to be extended to 4’
  5. Diapason extension 16 & 8 to be extended to 4’
  6. Independent Solo Open Diapason 8 to be available at 8’ & 4’ on pedal
  7. Swell Geigen 16 (available as of 1949) re-instituted (problems in the Swell – see previous)
  8. Great Trumpet 8’ to be made available on Pedal.

WIND TRUNKS & Great Concussion Bellows C side)

  1. To be repaired or replaced as necessary.
  2. ‘C ‘ side Great concussion bellows to be removed and re-leathered, sprung etc


  1. New Stop jams to accommodate the new extra stops.
  2. New replacement quality keyboards.
  3. All couplers and unison offs to be on their departmental block
  4. Pedal and inter-manual couplers to be on a separate block as at present.
  5. New Taylor ‘long draw’ draw stops.
  6. New electric action expression pedals.
  7. New toe pistons. G/P  S/P Trombone  Full Organ (Tutti?)   Advancer +
  8. Thumb Pistons Sw 8 Great  8   Solo  6    Choir  6  Full Organ (Tutti?)    Gen Can   Set  Advancer +  Advancer –
  9. General Pistons 8    4 on Swell   4 on Great  RHS location)
  10. Thumb Piston Great (settable) Grand Cornet


  1. Stop and Key control Taylor system incl capture system
  2. Interactive Phoenix Control with 2 sets of headphones for silent practice (est £15,000) TBC


  1. All as at present PLUS Solo/Swell


  1. Great Trumpet 8 Great Clarion 4’                 Great Sub Octave
  2. Tuba 8 – Tuba Sub Octave           Tuba Octave       Tuba Unison Off
  3. Solo Diapason 8