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  1. The Tuba stop [8ft] was returned and reinstated on the 25th & 26th of March 2019. Stunning does not describe the impact of the pipes which have now been returned to operate on 15 Inches water gauge pressure. The pressure was reduced in 1949 to overcome neccesary radical removal and repairs. The pipes and chests were sponsered by public donation “to the tune of” £10,000. Work undertaken by York Pipe Organs (YPO). Pipes repaired and restored at F. W. Booths, Organ Pipe manufacturers and voicers of Leeds.
  2. New composition by Steven Burtonwood – “Crowning Glory”
  3. First performance by Colin Porter – of Liverpool. 29th May 2019
  4. The Trustees are working towards the full restoration of the Swell Division – estimated at Circa £60,000. Any donations welcome.
  5. It is with regret that we announce the resignation of the AHORP Founder and Chairman following a serious ‘near death’ experience with sepsis in November/Decmeber 2018. Dr Colin Parsons MBE of Lancaster has held the post as Chairman for the past 20 years. Colin Porter (Liverpool) formally assistant Chairman has now been elected Collin Parsons Successor.


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